STEM Capacity Building

Focused on developing 21st century STEM skills in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students, this component is building the capacity of participating educational institutions and teaching professionals throughout Thailand, encouraging more students to enter science and math education tracks. To accomplish this, Enjoy Science is developing 12 regional STEM Hubs throughout the country, which will impact a total of 8,200 teachers and 147,000 students. Based in local universities, STEM Hubs will serve as training centers for master teachers, building their capacity to deliver and implement inquiry-basedteaching techniques that fully engage students. In addition, regional STEM Hubs will work to enhance existing STEM curriculums and materials, and provide professional development for teachers and principals.

Key activities

Key activities under this component include: Building the capacity of school teachers and administrators for the 7th -9th grade levels in math and science; Promoting critical thinking skills, inquiry, creativeness, as well as obtaining cutting edge content knowledge; Building a strong math and science foundation in students in order to pave the way for technology-based and engineering jobs; Developing interactive and practical training approaches and curricula; Meeting international best practices and standards; Addressing unequal access to STEM education for small schools and female students; and Embedding evidence-based practices for school improvements.
  • Fifth Anniversary of Thailand Children’s University – Inspiring and Cultivating Scientific Thinking among Youth
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