Project Vision

The Chevron Enjoy Science Project partners’ vision is to help transform Thailand from a low-skilled, labor intensive economy into a 21st century high-skilled, innovation-driven economy. By investing heavily in enhancing Thailand’s STEM and TVET education, the Project will make a sustainable impact on the country’s next generation of innovation leaders. Additionally, by raising awareness nationwide about the importance of STEM and TVET, and forming a strong coalition of government, private sector, and academic partners, the Chevron Enjoy Science Project will have a lasting impact on Thailand’s education sector.
  • I am proud to be part of the Chevron Enjoy Science Project because I have the opportunity to learn directly from foreign experts in order to train Thai teachers. This training truly changes our teaching behaviors by strengthening our involvement with students and pushing them to fully understand what they learn. In addition, I am able to integrate what I learn into my daily school lesson plans.

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