The Chevron Enjoy Science Project will have a wide-reaching impact on Thailand’s education and workforce development for years to come. Designed with significant stakeholder engagement and government participation, Enjoy Science will leave behind a sustainable framework for enhancing Thailand’s STEM education and TVET. This includes STEM and TVET Hubs throughout Thailand that will continue operating after the project is completed, international best practices that will be adopted by participating schools, an increased number of students pursuing STEM-related school tracks, and a common vision and roadmap for continued STEM and TVET development.
  • Enjoy Science will Directly Benefit


  • More than

    1,800 TVET Teachers

    who will implement enhanced curricula

  • More than

    147,000 Students

    will participate in the STEM component

  • More than

    138,000 Students

    who will participate in the TVET component

  • More than

    3,000 School Leaders

    who will implement enhanced STEM and TVET curricula

  • At least

    600 Schools

    participating across Thailand

  • Over

    170,000 Family

    and community members benefiting throughout Thailand

  • Over

    30,000 Students

    who will benefit from awareness raising activities across Thailand

  • At least

    8,200 STEM Teachers

    will utilize inquiry-based learning methods